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Post Date

Multiple Faculty Positions, Open Rank (Tenure-Track or Tenured)

Rutgers University 

School of Communication and Information


Full-time Faculty (Assistant Rank, Tenure-Track)

Simmons College

School of Library and Information Science


Tenure/Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Library Innovation

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

School of Information and Library Science


Assistant Professor (Library & Information Science)

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Information & Computer Sciences


Lecturer, Assistant Professor or Associate Professor

Dalhousie University

School of Information Management


Library and Information Science - Open Rank Faculty

Syracuse University

School of Information Studies


Library and Information Studies - Assistant Professor

Old Dominion University

Darden College of Education - Department of Teaching and Learning


Professor of Clinical Management and Organization, Library Science

University of Southern California

USC Libraries of Marshall School of Business




Job Title



Post Date

Division Director  Simmons College School of Library and Information Science 07/11/2017
Electronic Resources Librarian
Suffolk University Sawyer Library 06/21/2017
Adjunct Library Faculty Elgin Community College  Library 06/08/2017
Dean University of Texas at Austin School of Information 05/12/2017