Operation New Voter Registration

Job Title

Freelance Library Science Research Consulting Opportunity


Not Applicable


Opening Date: 01/12/2021
Closing Date:  02/28/2021

Job Description

I've founded a Georgia organization, Operation New Voter Registration (visit The organization was very active in the lead-up to the influential Georgia Jan 5 Senate Runoffs.  I'm seeking a Freelancer for a Library Science Research Consulting Opportunity.

We would agree on an hourly fee (I assume), and I'm willing to provide you an initial deposit as necessary.

Job Duties

I need someone to do a comprehensive, national search in the area of Absentee Ballot Security Measures --

  • Pin Codes
  • Photo ID Verification Check/Validation in the initial requests
  • Other Technology and Approaches used

I know states like California and Oregon have implemented some of these features. My goal is to influence this important voter area initially in Georgia, but hopefully outside Georgia as well.

I also have ongoing needs in other areas, where if I find the right individual, I can engage you to research other topics.


Experienced, Library Science Research Consultant with access to national databases of newspapers, periodicals, research papers, etc.

Supplementation Information

My entire bio is on the website under Founder's Bio tab (

How to Apply

Simply call Paul Heller directly at (770) 289-1916 (day or night). I'm on EST time living in Atlanta.

My email is [email protected]. My preference is a telephone call as I'd like to pursue immediately.