We are pleased to announce the ALISE 2010 Award Winners!
The individuals below have all demonstrated exceptional abilities in their respective fields.



ALISE Awards

      Connie Van Fleet, University of Oklahoma


ALISE Research Awards/Grants

“Online Collaborative Learning in the Web 2.0 Era” by Kyungwon Koh, Sung Jae Park, and Kathleen Burnett. (Florida State University).

  • ALISE/Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Competition
    "The Traditional Knowledge Protection Debate: Identifying
    and Listening to the Voices of Traditional Knowledge Holders" by Charles Kamau Maina, University of Western Ontario

    • Honorable Mention: "Social Capital and HIV/AIDS Information Help Exchange Networks in Rural Canada” By Tiffany Veinot, University of Western Ontario

  • ALISE/Dialog Methodology Paper Competition

    “Visual Traffic Sweeps (VTS): A research Method for Mapping user Activities in the Library Space” by Heather Archibald and Lisa Given, University of Alberta


“Tip of the Iceberg: Meaning, Identity, and Literacy in Preteen Virtual Worlds” by Eric M. Meyers

“Studying Collaborative Learning Using Name Networks” by Anatoliy Gruzd

"IMPACT Family Trees: Quantifying Academic Genealogy in Library and Information Science” by Terrell G. Russell and Cassidy R. Sugimoto

“Everything Old is New Again: The Evolution of Library and Information Science Education from LIS to iField” by Laurie J. Bonnici, Manimegalai M. Subramaniam and Kathleen Burnett


  • OCLC/ALISE LISRGP Award Recipients

    • Louise Spiteri (Dalhousie University) and Laurel Tarulli (Halifax Public Libraries), “The public library catalogue as a social space: Usability studies of user interaction with social discovery systems” 

    • Hsin-liang Chen and Barbara Albee (Indiana University), “Impact of Open Source Library Automation System on Public Library Users” 

    • Besiki Stvilia and Corinne Jrgensen (Florida State University), “Assessing the reuse value of socially created metadata for image indexing”

ALISE Annual Conference Awards/Grants