Membership Advisory Committee

Purpose and Structure:

The ALISE Membership Advisory Committee works with the Board to ensure the continued importance, attractiveness and health of ALISE membership and to improve services to members. The Committee members are solicited by the Director for Membership Services and approved by the Board. The Committee’s tasks are conveyed and coordinated by the Director for Membership Services on behalf of the Board. Feedback from the Committee to the Board is channeled through the Director for Membership Services for discussion and follow-up at regular Board meetings.

Terms of Reference:

a.    Provide input, suggestions and feedback to the ALISE Board, as requested, on matters pertaining to the membership of ALISE;
b.    Work with ALISE Headquarters staff on membership initiatives approved by the Board, as required;
c.    Interact with ALISE members or potential members on particular membership issues, as per Board direction;
d.    Participate in special initiatives related to ALISE membership (such as membership surveys, revision of membership categories etc.), under Board direction;
e.    Undertake particular activities (such as outreach) deemed to enhance membership in ALISE, as per Board direction.

Minimum Expectations:

  1. Recommend topics for the next membership survey
  2. Recommend recruitment activities and plans for implementation
  3. Provide feedback on current membership services and recommend new membership services
  4. Advise on, and assist with, membership initiatives identified in Strategic Directions, 2011-2014, as requested by the Board


Laurie Bonnici, Alabama, [email protected] (2014)


Director for Membership Services appoints members from each of the following 8 groups