ICYMI: ALISE Xchange Webinar - Cognitive Justice

Information Ethics SIG presents: Cognitive Justice Theory: Why and How to Incorporate it into the LIS Curriculum

Webinar Date:
March 4, 2015 
Webinar Leader: John T.F. Burgess, University of Alabama

Many LIS professionals recognize the value in preserving the documents of marginalized cultures and the ethical responsibility to do so, but what about preserving those cultures’ ways of making sense of the world? Supporters of cognitive justice theory argue that a culture’s dignity is infringed upon when external worldviews are imposed upon a population. The dominant epistemology employed by the LIS discipline is an example of this kind of external worldview. This means that even as LIS professionals adhere to their principles, their practice may be perpetuating a specific and preventable form of injustice. 
This webinar will discuss how to reconcile these positions in ways that clarify the ethics of collaborating with marginalized cultures and will detail how to introduce cognitive justice concepts into traditional LIS coursework.

Watch the full webinar

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