ALISE Member Wins Award from Information Studies Students Association

Dr. Evelyn Markwei of the University of Ghana was awarded the ISSA Most Inspiring Lecturer Award. She introduced a community service project into her Undergraduate Information Retrieval Class. About 400 students in groups of 10 will be going out to teach Junior High School Students in underprivileged schools to teach basic and advance search techniques and introduce them to educational websites relevant to their subject areas. The purpose of the project is to:
  1. Introduce them to community service which is rare at their level
  2. Practice team work
  3. Improve on their presentation skills 
  4. Re-enforce what they have learnt in class, and 
  5. Acquire new skills such as use of storyboards, video shooting and video editing.

They will be making 15-minute videos of the whole exercise for grading.

Congratulations Evelyn!

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