2023 Keynote Speaker

Nadya A. Fouad, Ph.D., ABPP
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
University Distinguished Professor & Mary and Ted Kellner Endowed Chair of Educational Psychology

Nadya A. Fouad is a faculty member in the Counseling Psychology area of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she is a university distinguished professor and the Mary and Ted Kellner Endowed Chair of Educational Psychology.  She studies how people make work and career-related decisions, particularly in understanding the work choices for women and underrepresented minorities. At the doctoral level, she teaches Ethics for Professional Psychologists and the Vocational Psychology Doctoral Seminar. She also supervises doctoral students in their practicum sequence and advises students’ dissertation research. She serves as Special Assistant to the Provost for Conflict Resolution and chair of the Ombuds Council for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has an active research team. An on-going initiative for her team is the development of career exploration classes for undergraduates and how those help students become better prepared to make choices about their major and career.  She has been very active in the movement to competency based education in the training of psychologists, chairing the Benchmarks Competency Workgroup, and served as Chair of the American Psychological Association Board of Educational Affairs and the APA Ethics Committee.