Secretary/Treasurer Candidate:

Dr. Denise Agosto
Drexel University

Candidate's Statement:

In alliance with the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, my vision for ALISE is to continue our long history of bringing together people dedicated to high quality library and information science (LIS) education while strengthening our collective vision of LIS as an academic discipline and profession committed to effecting positive social change. Toward that end, we must focus our work as an association on reflective pedagogy and thoughtful scholarship about information, information users, and our role as information educators serving diverse communities and community groups.


Since first attending ALISE as a doctoral student in 2001, I have held 15 different elected or appointed positions in ALISE, from serving in various capacities on a range of committees and award juries, to co-chairing the ALISE Youth Services SIG with Kate McDowell back in 2012. I have also been honored to receive several ALISE awards, including:  1) The 2016 ALISE/Bohdan S. Wynar Research Paper Award, with Rachel M. Magee, Michael Dickard, and Andrea Forte; 2) A 2014 OCLC/ALISE Research Grant, with June Abbas; 3) The 2011 ALISE Award for Teaching Excellence in the Field of Library and Information Science Education; 4) The 2010 ALISE Best Conference Paper Award, with Sidath Gunawardena and Rosina Weber; 5) A 2007 ALISE Research Grant, with Eileen Abels and Lorri Mon. In addition, I have presented or co-presented 20 (at latest count!) ALISE conference presentations and co-authored six papers in the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science.  These many contributions to ALISE are the products of my deep commitment to impactful LIS curriculum design and delivery. As much as I have contributed to the organization, I have learned far more from my ALISE experiences than I have contributed. ALISE has been my primary home for learning about creative pedagogy as well as developments in LIS education. As a result, I am a much better teacher today than I was when I first joined ALISE over 20 years ago as a graduate student. I look forward to many more years of contributing and learning.


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