Secretary/Treasurer Candidate:

Dr. Dan Albertson
Professor & Chair
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Candidate's Statement:

I am grateful for the opportunity to run for Secretary/Treasurer of ALISE, and I am excited to express my unwavering dedication to the organization. ALISE has been an integral part of my professional life since my doctoral student days, and I am committed to maintaining its excellence and place in the future. My principles as Secretary/Treasurer will be centered around transparent and collective governance, financial health, adherence to procedure, organizational autonomy, and ensuring that ALISE remains relevant and impactful. My prior experiences of serving ALISE have equipped me with the necessary skills to support its mission and work collaboratively within its structure. Additionally, as the Chair (equivalent to Director) of an ALISE member school, I have the leadership abilities to participate in the upper-level governance of the organization, and I look forward to serving with integrity and dedication.


I am a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Information Science at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (SUNY Buffalo). I have served in various roles for ALISE over the years including Co-Chair of the ALISE/Jean Tague Sutcliffe Doctoral Student Research Poster Competition, Co-Chair of the Works in Progress Poster Session, Chair and Member of the ALISE Advancement Committee, Chair and Member of the Service to ALISE Award Committee, Webinar Coordinator, and ALISE Statistical Report Manager. Among all these roles, I am particularly proud of leading the team that created a new generation of the ALISE Statistical Report. Here, we produced the first-ever digital version of the Statistical Report, organized in a high-quality and professional set of electronic spreadsheets reflecting the contents of the original print Report. My primary research area is interactive information retrieval (IIR), and I have successfully engaged in community projects related to STEM education and health information in underserved communities. I obtained a Ph.D. in Information Science from Indiana University in 2007.


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