2010 ALISE Academy


The ALISE Academy: Teaching and Research

January 12, 2010
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM


The ALISE Academy is a pre-conference professional development opportunity. ALISE's Academy will focus on research and teaching.


Overall Structure:

The 2010 Academy will be conducted as three concurrent workshops, with up to 30 participants in each workshop. Two workshops will be targeted toward doctoral candidates and more experienced faculty at the beginning of their careers, and the third at more experienced faculty.


Each workshop will be designed to be interactive, engaging, and involve active learning.



Research and Teaching


Three Academy Workshops:

  1. Launching the Research Agenda


    Workshop leader: Suzanne Allard (University of Tennessee)
    Target audience: Doctoral candidates and early career faculty

    Topics: Launching a research agenda and getting started.


    • Conceptualizing the dissertation research as the first stage in the research agenda
    • Scope of the research agenda – what is reasonable, interesting, tenurable?
    • Strategic thinking – What are the tactics that work best? Stay within an area and change research methods, or stick with one method and change the domain, or other ideas?
    • Planning and plotting—considerations in setting priorities for working on research projects and manuscripts: conference presentation opportunities, journal placement, response/acceptance/publication time frames, funding needs/expectations
    • Collaboration: when, how, and with whom?
    • What role does/should the possibility of funding play on developing the agenda (must we choose between doing what we want, or do what has the better chance to be funded? Or is there another way to frame this?)
    • What is a reasonable research pace considering the demands of teaching, service, and personal life?

  2. Launching a Teaching Career


    Workshop Leader: Scott Nicholson (Syracuse University)
    Target audience: Doctoral candidates and early career faculty (full or part-time, with less than 5 years teaching experience)



    • Preparing to Succeed in the Classroom
    • Adjusting to Changing Teaching Formats
    • Communication Methods 
    • Assessment
    • Documentation and Improvement of Classroom Experiences
    • Using the Real World in the Classroom 
    • Time Well Spent? Balancing Teaching with Research and Service

  1. Refreshing and Boosting a Teaching Career


    Workshop Leader: Christine A. Jenkins and Susan E. Searing  (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

    Target audience: Faculty (full or part-time, with 5 or more years teaching experience)



    • Expanding and rethinking teaching methods and approaches
    • Retooling and deepening teaching expertise
    • Online teaching and enhancing teaching with Web 2.0 technologies
    • New strategies for evaluating student learning
    • Balancing teaching with time spent on research and service
    • Integrating teaching and research
    • Mentoring new faculty in teaching
    • Scholarship on teaching and learning



To participate in the 2010 ALISE Academy, you must register using the 2010 Conference registration form. There are no fees to attend Academy, but you must register for the ALISE conference. If you would like to only attend the Academy, please feel free to use the one-day rate when registering.


There are only 30 spaces available in each workshop. Spaces are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Waiting lists are not maintained.


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