Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ann Curry

Graduate Program in Communication & Technology
Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta

Presentation:  “Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question” :  e. e.  cummings and lis education.

Ann will discuss what  the prose and poetry of  e.e. cummings have to tell us about the value of disrupting the medium and the message to  better meet library/information science needs, the crucial importance  of our inspiring creative (and sometimes unsettling ) “beautiful questions” to be asked within our classes, and the need for us to foster  individual opinion in students held ever more tightly within Mill’s “tyranny of the majority”.


Ann has alternated careers as a librarian and a professor in Canada, Malaysia, Australia, and England since graduating as a librarian in 1972, and subsequently obtaining her PhD in Information Studies from Sheffield in 1993. She has worked as a business librarian and a children’s puppeteer, and managed an oil company library, school library, and a public library. She has chaired and taught within library and information science education programs at Grant MacEwan University; The University of British Columbia, where she is professor emerita; and the University of Alberta, where she now teaches in the Graduate Program in Communications and Technology.  Ann has won both a Canadian Killam prize and the ALISE award for her teaching. She is committed to strengthening academic/community relationships, and to that end is a frequent speaker at community events and library professional development conferences. Her research and teaching interests focus on access to information issues, especially those associated with controversial subjects and those that involve inequitable access for particular groups; qualitative research methods; library architecture; and library history

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