Information for SIG Conveners

Thank you for serving as an ALISE Special Interest Group (SIG) Convener. SIGs hold a special place at ALISE. They offer our members an opportunity to share ideas, news, and opinions related to a particular area of interest and to build connections within the LIS community. Participation in SIGs is voluntary rather than appointive. However, SIGs are encouraged to hold discussion meetings for the exchange of ideas, either face-to-face during the annual conference or online via webinars and social media. It is highly recommended that SIGs have two conveners so that the activities listed below can be shared.

What does a SIG convener do?

- Acts as a liaison between the Director, Community Building and SIG members. 

  • Forward ideas, issues, and concerns of the SIG membership to the Community Building director, as the need arises. 
  • Use the ALISE directory to communicate with the SIG membership. 
  • Complete the SIG reporting form for ALISE. This is usually done during the annual conference, at the SIG business meeting. However, if you are unable to attend the business meeting, please send the reporting form by email to the Director, Community Building by the end of October.

- Chairs the annual SIG business meeting at the ALISE conference. 

  • It is recommended that the convener appoint one member of the Special Interest Group to act as recorder for the meeting. A record should be maintained of the discussion, activities, possible recommendations, and the appointment of a new SIG convener.
  • If you are unable to attend the business meeting please find a substitute to chair the annual SIG meeting.

- Guides the preparation of a proposal for a SIG event at the annual ALISE conference (i.e. a panel or activity, town hall, site visit).

  • Solicit your SIG for ideas for a SIG event at the annual ALISE conference. The event should address the specific interests of the SIG and be a mechanism for building your SIG community. Although the conference committee will do their best to fit your SIG’s event into the conference program, scheduling limitations or a close similarity with an accepted, juried panel might mean that your SIG’s event is not accepted. 
  • Please submit just one proposal for your SIG. Additional proposals can be submitted as a juried panel or paper. 
  • Informal events, such as a SIG supper at a local restaurant, can also be planned but this does not require a conference proposal as it won’t be listed in the conference program.  

- Guides the preparation and delivery of SIG webinars:

  • Solicit your SIG for ideas. Submit a brief proposal to the Director, Community Building (Note: SIG members can also submit a proposal but only if the SIG convener has approved). The proposal should include the title of the event, a brief description, the names of presenters and moderator, the intended audience, and preferred dates and times.  
  • If the webinar is to be co-hosted with another association, the ALISE board must approve the use of the ALISE name and logo. Publicity for the event must state that it is co-hosted by both ALISE and the other association. If fees are charged, they must be shared between associations. It is preferable that webinars presented by an ALISE SIG are done through ALISE’s webinar facilities.

- Maintains the SIG web site and social media accounts in order to communicate with SIG members. 

  • ALISE is able to host your SIG’s web page. Please contact the ALISE office for further details.
  • If your SIG is using an external web service to host the SIG’s web page (i.e. Wordpress), please record the URL, username and password, and share this information with incoming conveners and ALISE.  
  • Some SIGs have elected to use social media services to connect with their members (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). To ensure continuity, please record the URLs, usernames, and passwords, and share this information with incoming conveners and ALISE.

- Communicates SIG activities with the broader ALISE community: 

  • Shares announcements that have broad interest (e.g. talks, CFPs, positions) with ALISE social media.
    Facebook & Twitter

- Manages the SIG: 

  • At the request of the convener(s), a Special Interest Group can combine with another SIG, change its name, or recommend that the group be dissolved. Recommendations should be made in writing for consideration by the ALISE Board. 

-Helps educate the SIGs on Listserv:

- Makes requests for special expenses

  • Any Association expenses related to the activities of a SIG must receive prior approval from the ALISE Board. Such proposals should be submitted to the Board no later than May 31st.
  • Special Interest Groups may, upon approval in advance by the Board of Directors, seek outside funding for special projects or programs. Such proposals should be submitted to the Board in time to be considered at its regularly scheduled meeting in advance of the proposed date of submission of the request to the funding agency.

If you have other questions, please contact the ALISE Director, Community Building or the ALISE office.